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Interstate food products, llc.


Why we are here

I got tired of going to "Authentic" restaurants and getting salsa that was mostly tomato sauce, large chunks of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.  There was no consistency in the flavor. I knew I could do a better job. 

And so I decided to do something about it.................................

How we got started


I love the Mexican cuisine and the “Southwestern Flavors” it have. I have found that in all the wonderful dishes to enjoy, I have yet to experience a great tasting salsa that puts the finishing touch to a great meal. 

I have made my own salsa for over 16 years from a recipe that has been a tradition in my family.  My grade school daughter insisted that I start producing and selling this salsa.


It took two years to perform market testing and acquire the appropriate licensing necessary to begin the manufacturing process at my own expense.  We are equipped to meet any production demand that might be presented to us.

Real Testimonials

"WOW! This queso is addictive"


Our most frequently asked question is;

"Where else can I get your product.  The store I shop at is always out".